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Here are some of the best Zen Buddhist parables, anecdotes and tales and let their profound insights and wise moral life lessons guide you towards wiseness and self awareness.

Effect of Teaching in Life - Buddha Discourse

Effect of Teaching in Life – Buddha’s Discourse

Buddha used to give discourse to his followers. Not only people from village but many people from far away places would come to listen to his discourse. A person used to come from far away, everyday to listen to discourse given by Buddha. For about a month, he continued to come to listen to discourse….

Angry Man Act and Buddha Teaching Story

Angry Man Act and Buddha Teaching Story

While traveling, Buddha reached a village. There crowd of people gathered to listen to his discourse. In discourse, Buddha was teaching people about tolerance and forgiveness. He said, “Anger is fire, which not only burn others but will also burn oneself to ashes. So renounce anger and be forgiving.” An angry person was also sitting…

Monk Meditation and Disturbance - Anger Story

Monk Meditation and Disturbance – Anger Story

Once a monk used lived in monastery with other monks. One day he decided to meditate alone away from his monastery. There was a lake near by where not many people would visit. He decided to go to that lake to meditate. When he reached lake, there was no one else. He took a boat…

Where is Mind Bodhidharma Question to Emperor

Where is Mind? Bodhidharma Question to Emperor

When Bodhidharma went to China, then Chinese emperor came to know about him. He went to see him. Emperor said, “My mind is very uneasy, very disturbed. You are a great Sage. Please tell me what i should do to put my mind at peace.” Bodhidharma said, “You don’ have to do anything, just bring…

Young Monk and Amrapali - Buddha's Disciple Story

Young Monk and Amrapali – Buddha’s Disciple Story

In Vaishali lived a famous courtesan Amrapali. She was very beautiful and was declared Nagarvadhu of Vaishali. (In those times, the most beautiful woman of any city will not be allowed to get married to any one person. So the most beautiful woman had to become nagarvadhu – the wife of the whole town.) One…

Buddha Condition for Woman - Mustard Seeds Story

Buddha Condition for Woman – Mustard Seeds Story

Once a woman’s only little child died. She got almost insane and went around with her child body asking people, “Is there any physician anywhere who can make my child alive again? Please tell me.!” It happened that Buddha was coming to town, one of villager said to her, “I don’t know any physician but…

Two Words Rule at Monastery! Zen Story with Moral Lesson

Two Words Rule at Monastery! A Complaining Mind

Once there used to a monastery where rules were very strict. One rule was not to speak even a word. All monks in monastery adhered to this rule. Every one who joined monastery had taken up strict vow of silence. Though there was a rule to not speak a word, once monk completed one years…

Zen Master Response to Man - Mind of a Sage Learning for Life Story

Zen Master Response to Man..!

Once a Zen monk Bokuju was passing through a street in village. Suddenly, a man came up and struck him with a stick. Bokuju fell down and with him that stick also fell there. He got up and picked up that stick. Man who had hit him and was running away, When Bokuju saw that,…

Angel's Gift of Miracle to Saint - The Holy Shadow

Angel’s Gift of Miracle to Saint – The Holy Shadow..!

Once lived a saint so good that angels came to earth. Angels saw that saint whole day could be summed up by two words – He Gave, He Forgave yet these words never passed his lips. These words were expressed in his smile, his kindness, forbearance and charity. Angel went back and told God about…

Five Monks Journey - Distractions and Destination

Five Monks Journey – Distractions and Destination

Once a lama who was working in a faraway valley, wrote a letter to chief of monastery. In letter he said, “Send one more lama, we need him here.” Chief called all his disciples and read that letter in front of them. Then he said, “I would like to send five of you.” One lama…

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