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Here are some of the best Zen Buddhist parables, anecdotes and tales and let their profound insights and wise moral life lessons guide you towards wiseness and self awareness.

Zen Master Response to Man - Mind of a Sage Learning for Life Story

Zen Master Response to Man..!

Once a Zen monk Bokuju was passing through a street in village. Suddenly, a man came up and struck him with a stick. Bokuju fell down and with him that…

Buddha Sleeping Position - Disciple Question

Buddha Sleeping – Disciple Question

Just nearby, in the Ajanta caves, in the last cave there is a sculpture of Gautam Buddha sleeping. That pose has become known as the “Lion’s pose” because the lion…

Two Monk and Lady at River Bank - Zen Teaching Story

Two Monk and a Woman – Zen Teaching

Once upon a time, two monks were traveling together. One their way to home, they came to bank of river and found that bridge was damaged. They had to wade…