Zen Teaching – Good Reflect Back..!!

Zen Teachings Stories - Always Think Good n Do Good Motivational StoryOnce a grocer got distressed at his work. So he went to his master and told him about reason for his distress.

He said to master, “A large chain store had opened across the way and it would drive me out of business.

My family had been running this shop for centuries and i don’t any other skill. If my shop get closed that it would be a great loss to our family and to lose it now would be his undoing”

Master replied, “If you fear the owner of chain store that you will hate him and then hatred will be your undoing..”

“Then what shall i do??”, Asked distraught grocer.

Master smiled and replied, “Each morning walk out of your shop onto the sidewalk and bless your shop, wishing it prosperity then turn to face the chain store and bless it too.”

Grocer got confused and questioned, “What?? I should bless my competitor??”

Master replied, “Any blessing you give him will rebound to your good. Any evil you wish him will destroy you.

Grocer left and did as his master said.

After six months the grocer returned to report that he had had to close down his shop as he had feared but he was now in charge of the chain store and his affairs were in better shape than ever before.

Always think Good and do Good for Other and it will Reflect back to You.

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