Judging Other’s – Zen Master Stories..!!

Zen Master Stories - Judging Others Short Moral Stories for Kids to LearnStory 1: Try to See Yourself..!!

Once Japanese master said to his disciples, “When you look at your companions, try to see yourself..”

One of disciple questioned, “But Master.. Isn’t that an awful selfish attitude?? If we see ourselves in everyone, we will always be just concerned about ourselves and we will never be able to see good in others..”

Master replied, “If only… We did always see good in others..!!”

Master continued, “Truth is when we look at other, we are only looking for defects.

We always try to discover their wicked side. Just because we want to feel good for ourselves. We want them to be worse than us.

We never forgive because we do no believe that we would have been forgiven. We hurt others with harsh words, when all we are doing is hiding ourselves.

That’s why when ever you judge someone be aware that you are the one who is on trial..




Story 2: Feast for Robe..!!

Once there was a zen master who used to go door to door for alms. He always dressed in rags with a empty bowl in his hands.

One day he went to the door of a rich man. Rich man seeing his ragged clothes, returned him with empty bowl.

Next day same master came back to rich man house but this time he was wearing a formal robe. This time rich man invited him inside and served him scrumptious meal.

Master removed his robe and folded it. He placed it in front of the feast served by rich man and got up.

Rich man was confused to see this and questioned, “What are you doing??”

Master replied, “This meal is for the robe, not for me..” and left.

Never Judge someone by his Looks.

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