Young Man Wish to Meet King – Deep Meaning

Young Man Wish to Meet King!Once son of a poor widow, saw King. Seeing the King, he asked his mother, “Mother will i ever be able to talk to King?”

Mother didn’t say anything.

One day, boy came to know that a saint had come to their village. So young man went to saint and told him about his wish to meet King at least once in his life.

Saint said, “I came to know that King’s palace is being built. You go there and do labor but remember you should not to take any wages in return.”

Boy did as saint said. Boy went there and worked very hard. He would refuse to take any wages or anything else in return.

One day, King came to inspect. He saw boy working passionately and this caught King’s attention.

King said to manager, “Who is this boy? He is working so diligently. Pay him more than usual.”

Manager replied, “Sir, it’s strange but this young man had been working with us with same enthusiasm for two months and doesn’t take wages. He says that i am working for my country’s King, i don’t want anything for it.”

King was surprised to know this and called him.

When young man came, King asked, “Why don’t you take wages? Tell me what do you want?”

Boy fell at feet of King and said, “Maharaj, today, i got be here present in front of you, talk to you.. i couldn’t ask for more.”

In same way, God is King of all of us. We all are labors of God. To worship God is our work. You should always work for God, do not think of anything else. Live such a way that you cannot live without even thought of him, then God will think of you.. He himself will come to meet you..

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