Curious Young Mind Questions

Curious Young Mind Questions for Life Story - What's God/ DestinyA young man wanted to find answers about life and God so he always look for wise people to ask. He met lots of people and asked them about it but neither of them could answer him.

One day he got opportunity to meet a scientist so he asked him questions about life and god. Questions were:
1. Is there any God? If yes then show me his outlines.
2. What is destiny?
3. If devil is made and fire and he lives in hell which is also made of fire then will he feel pain because of fire?

As young man finished his questions scientist slapped him in his face. Young man was confused by this action of scientist and asked him, “Why did you get mad at me?”

Scientist replied, ” I didn’t got mad at you. i was just answering to your question.
Confused young man asked, “How is it so?”

Scientist asked him, “What did you feel when i slapped you in the face?”
Young man replied, “I felt pain..!!”

To this scientist questioned, “That means you believe that pain exists, right?

Then show me its outline.”
Young man replied, “Yes But how can i show it’s outline. It’s not possible.”

“It’s answer of your first question.” Scientist replied.

Now scientist asked him a question, “Tell me did you saw in your dream yesterday that i would slap you in the face today?”
Young man replied, “Of course not.”

“That’s destiny my dear” Scientist answered.

Now scientist said, “Tell me, What is covering my hand that hit you in the face?”
“Skin.” young man replied.

” Did you feel any pain when i slapped you?” scientist asked again.
” Yes. I felt a lot of pain.” Young man replied.

“It’s answer to your third question.” Scientist said.

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