Young Man Question – Does Attending Satsang Bring Change?

Young Man Question - Does Attending Satsang Bring ChangeEvery evening, there was a crowd of devotees in the ashram of saint because his discourse (satsang) gave the right direction and understanding of life.

A young man used to listen to his satsang everyday.

One day when satsang was over, he went to saint and said, “Maharaj! I have been listening to your Satsang for long time but after leaving from here, i am not able to follow same good conduct in my household life as i hear here. Due to this i started to doubt importance of satsang. What should i do?”

Listening to this, Saint gave a bamboo basket to young man and asked him to bring water in it.

Young man failed to fill the basket with water.

Saint asked him to continue bringing water in same basket daily. Young man tried to fill basket with water everyday but could not succeed.

After few days, saint asked him, “Do you see any difference in basket after pouring water in it continuously for so many days?”

Young man said, “Yes, there is difference, earlier dirt used to accumulate in basket, not it looks clean. No dirt is visible and its hole are not as big as before. They have become very small.”

The saint explained, “If you keep putting it in water like this, then in few days these holes will swell and close and you will be able to fill basket with water.

Thus, those who regularly do Satsang, their mind becomes pure one day and holes of demerits starts getting filled and water of virtues starts filling it.”

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