Young Man Journey to Meet Sage – Problems of Others

Young Man Journey to Meet Sage - Problems of OthersLong ago, in a village lived a mother and son who were very poor. One day, mother got to know about a Sage who was very accomplished and person of great knowledge who lived far away in a forest.

Mother asked his son to go to Sage and ask him, “When will these days of sorrow end?”

Son left from home. During those times, there were no transport facility, so he went on foot to meet that Sage.

By evening, he reached another village. There he found a place to spend night. It was a house of a prosperous family.

In morning, when he woke up and was leaving. Elder of house asked, “Son, where are you going?”

Young man told her about Sage and his reason of visit.

Elder said, “Son, if you meet him, please ask him one thing for me. I have only one daughter. She does not speak. Can you ask him, when will she be able to speak and who will marry her?”

Young man said okay and moved ahead.

On his way, he made one more stop. This time he stayed at hut of a Saint. When he Saint asked him about purpose of his journey, young man told him about Sage.

Saint said, “Son, i also have a problem, please ask about that too. My problem is that it has been 50 years since i started doing sadhana but i have not yet tasted sainthood. When will i be able to do that?”

Young man said okay and after playing obeisance to Saint, he moved ahead.

Further on his journey, young man made one more stop.

This time stop was at farmer’s field. During discussion at night, farmer told him, “There is a huge tree in middle of field and i work hard to grow other trees but not other tree grow around that big tree. Please ask him what is the reason?”

Young man nodded in agreement and move ahead in morning.

Next day, Young man reached place, where Sage was staying.

He paid his respect to Sage and then said, “Maharaj, i have some problem for which i want to know solution. If you permit can i ask?”

Sage said, “Ok but know that you can ask only three question because i will not answer for more than that.”

Now, young man was caught in crisis. He had four questions – three of other people and one question of my own, to ask but..

He thought, “Whose question should i leave now?”

In end, after thinking a lot, after a lot of hesitation, he decided not to ask his own question and asked solution for other three questions.

Young man asked those questions and after getting answer, he started his journey to go back to his home.

On his way to home, he first met farmer. After meeting farmer, he told him, “Maharaj ji said that under huge tree in your field, there are urns of gold buried all around. For this reason no other tree grows around.”

When farmer dug there, he actually found urns of gold.

Farmer said to young man, “Son, this wealth because of you. Therefore, you are also its owner.”

Saying this, he gave that money to young man. Young man accepted it and continued his journey.

Now, he stopped at Saint’s hut and told him, “Maharaj ji said that you have hidden some precious gem in your hair locks. Unless you give up your attachment to that gem, you will not get what you want.”

Listening to this, Saint said, “Son, He is right. I have hidden a gem in my hair locks and i am always afraid of losing it. That’s why i can’t concentrate on my Sadhna.”

Saying this, Saint removed that gem from his hair locks and gave it to young man.

Young man continued on his journey. Now, he reached elder house.

Meeting her, young man said, “Mother, Sage has said that husband of your daughter will be man, on seeing whom, she will start speaking.”

While elder and young man were talking, girl came out and on seeing young man, suddenly she spoke.

Seeing this, elder said, “Son. Maharaj ji words came true. From today you are her husband.”

Now, young man reached his home with money, gem and his to be wife.

On seeing him mother asked, “Son, what did Maharaj ji said? When will our sorrow end?”

Son replied, “Mother, i feel blessed after seeing Sage. The sorrow, pains and suffering of life disappeared by just seeing him.”

Mother asked, “So he solved our problems?”

Son replied, “Yes mother and i didn’t even asked him about our problem.”

Mother asked, “Then, how does our problem got solved.”

Son replied, “Mother, i meet some people on way and they told me about their problems. When i asked about solution to their problems, my problem was automatically solved.”

One who Thinks for Others, God thinks for Him.

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