Young Man Idea to Load Sack – Accepting Help from Others

Young Man Idea to Load Sack - Accepting Help from OthersFarmer (middle age man) was trying to load a sack of grains on his bullock cart. But sack was so heavy that he was not able to load it on cart.

Just then a young man was passing by. Young man saw him struggling and went to him and said, “I know a easier way..”

Hearing just this, farmer became a little angry and said, “I have already loaded sacks heavier than this.. I know how to do this. You do your work.”

“But..”, said young man.

Hearing this, farmer said, “This is the problem of youth. If you study a little, you start considering yourself very smart. I have been doing this work for years..”

Young man smiled and said, “As you wish. I was talking about your welfare.”

Saying this, young man continued to walk on his path.

As young man left, farmer thought why not listen to him for once, he thought, “There is no harm in listening to his idea. Otherwise, I can do it, the way i always do it.

Farmer called that young man, “Listen, tell me your method.”

Young man immediately came back to him and gestured him to go to other side of sack.

“Come on, now you hold it from that side and i will hold it from here. Then both of us will lift it together.”, said young man.

Soon sack was loaded on cart.

Farmer smiled, as that young man had taught him a big lesson.

Many times, Elder one find it difficult to accept help from young ones but they should not reject their ideas or thoughts without even listening to them just because they are young and not experienced.

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