Young Man Desire to Get Fame – Sage Advice to Young Man

Young Man Desire to Get Fame - Sage Advice to Young ManLong ago there was a young man who always used to visit Sages and Yogis. Once he stayed with a yogi and pleased with his service Yogi said, “If you have any wish, i can fulfil it.”

Young man wanted to gain fame. He said, “I want to become powerful. I want to know the secret of Yoga.”

Yogi gave him a mantra and made him practice yoga. After sometime, young man experienced strange power in himself. He thanked Yogi and left.

On his way, he saw that some hunters were taking away a lion in an iron cage. Young man wanted to show off his recently gained powers. So, he recited a mantra and freed lion from cage.

Lion came out and killed one of the hunters. Soon, other hunters again caught lion and caged him.

Seeing this, young man laughed and said, “Should i free the lion again?”

Listening to this, all hunters ran toward young man to kill him. Young man ran away and somehow saved himself.

Young man continued on his way and reached a mountain village. There he saw that due to mountain terrain, people were unable to farm.

He thought to himself, “If i move mountains, people can farm here and then they will respect me.”

So, he recited a mantra and soon mountain started moving from their place. As soon as mountain moved, rocks started falling on village and whole village was destroyed.

When people got to knew the reason for this, they went to young man and started beating him. Young man somehow escaped.

After sometime, he reached a fisherman’s village. In that village there was shortage of fish. Young man called people of village and said, “With my power i can fill these ponds with fishes.”

Saying this, he recited a mantra and soon all the ponds were filled with fishes. Fisherman were able to catch net full of fishes and started praising young man.

But as soon as people ate those fish, they got sick and some died. Remaining people of village started beating young man with sticks and when he got unconscious, they threw him out of village.

When young man regained consciousness, he was in middle of forest. He couldn’t get up and walk.

He started screaming. Listening to his scream, a sage who used to live in that forest came to him and took him to ashram and tend to his injuries.

In morning, young man narrated all incidence to Sage and said, “I have power but still i neither have prestige nor peace. What’s reason for this?”

Sage said, “You don’t know how to utilize your power properly. Being egoistic, you unnecessarily displayed your power to satisfy your ego. The use of power is to give up the ego and serve the poor. This brings fame and happiness.”

Listening to this, young man ignorance was destroyed and from that day onwards he dedicated his life to use his power in social service and made good use of his power.

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