Young Man Complain to Old Woman Selling Oranges

Young Man Complain to Old Woman Selling OrangesAn old woman used to sell oranges on road side. A young man used to buy oranges from her.

Whenever, young man bought oranges, he would pick one orange from oranges he bought, taste a piece of it and would say to old woman, “It doesn’t taste sweet..”

Saying this, he would give that orange to old woman. Then old woman would taste it that orange and say, “But, it’s sweet.”

Still young man would leave that orange there complaining that its not sweet.

Young man wife who used to come with him, could not understand his husband’s behavior.

Then, one day his wife said, “These oranges are always sweet and yet you do this. Why?”

Young man smiled and said, “That old woman sells very sweet orange but she never eats them herself. That’s why i leave that orange for her to eat.”

One day, vegetable seller who used to sit beside old woman, asked her, “This young man complains so much while buying oranges yet while weighing oranges, you always give him more oranges, why so?”

Old woman replied, “His complaint is not about oranges but about feeding me that orange. He thinks that i don’t understand him but when i see his love, oranges on scale automatically increase.”

Someone has rightly said: One who Eats by Snatching never gets Full and One who Eats by Sharing never Dies of Hunger.

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