Young King and his Three Wishes Story

Young King and his Three Wishes Story - Thinking WiselyOnce upon a time, a Prince inherited his father’s kingdom but the kingdom which inherited was not a prospering one. Now, It was up to him to govern his fading realm.

Young King Scoured the land to seek guidance. He visited many places looking for sages or wise people who could help him to improve condition of his kingdom

One day, king came across an Oracle.

She told him, “I have been expecting you, your highness. Your father gave me a magical item long ago, to be bequeathed unto to you upon his death.”

Then she presented King with a simple copper urn. Young King thanked her and as he was leaving, Oracle told a warning to him, to remember.

She said, “Only a fool plants many seeds and refuses to allow then time to grow.”

When Young King returned to his decrepit palace, he started at urn and wondered, how could such thing can help to restore his Kingdom.

Just then he heard some whispers coming from urn. He picked up urn and knocked and rubbed it to check it and just then a genie emerged from that vessel.

Genie said, “Three Wishes! Granted to thee. What do you seek?”

King looked at his palace and wished for a new one. In an instant, Genie gave him finest palace from Red Sea to North Sea.

Next, King looked at his ragged robes and wished for new garments fit for a King. Genie snapped his fingers and gave him clothes of finest silk, embroidered with jewels and threads of gold.

Finally, Young King thought and then said, “For my last wish i wish for three more wishes.”

Genie explained to Young King, “You may wish for three more wishes but my magic can only conjure three gifts at one time.

For one hundred days, for your last wish, you have wishes for three more wishes and because of that every time clock is reset and you forget.”

What happened was – Each day, for one hundred days the king had wished for three more wishes and as a result the genie and the king had repeated the same day, the gifts were forgotten and the realm remained trapped in an eternal winter.

Just then Young King remembered the words of Oracle. For his Kingdom to prosper, he would need to allow it time to grow.

At that time, He realized his mistake and this time he used his three wishes wisely.

He used his three wishes to restore the fertility to his lands, to remove disease from his subjects and finally for the wisdom, to be a kind and benevolent ruler.

Genie fulfilled all three wishes and vanished.

With time and dedication, King restored his kingdom to its former glory and lived happily ever after.

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