You Will Never Lose Your Value

Best Moral Stories - Motivational Short Stories for KidsA very well known speaker started his seminar holding a note of Rs100. In that seminar room there were total 200 people.

Now looking at the people he asked, “Who would like to have this 100rs bill (note)?”

Hands started to go up.

Now he said, “I will give you this but let me first do this.” then he proceeded and started to crumple the note.

After crumpling phone he then asked again, “Who still wants it?”

Still there were hands up in the air.

“Well”, He responded. “What if i do this?”

Then he dropped it on the ground and pressed it on the floor with his shoes. Now he picked it up and this time note was all crumpled and dirty, “Now who still wants it?” He asked

Again there were hands up in the air.

“My friends, you have all learned a very important lesson today and that is No matter what i did to this note but it doesn’t decrease the value of this bill (note) it still values 100rs.”

Many times in life situation come when we drop, crumple and get dirt by making wrong decisions. We fell like worthless but no matter what happens, you will Never Lose you Value.

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