Words of Wisdom by Buddha

Words of Wisdom by Buddha - Motivational Quotes to Lead a Better LifeIt is Better to Conquer yourself than to Win a thousand Battles. Then the Victory is Yours. It Cannot be taken from You.

However many Holy words you Read, However Many you Speak, What Good will they do you If you do not Act on upon Them?

Everything that has a Beginning has an Ending. Make your Peace with that and All will be Well.

Have Compassion for all Beings, Rich and Poor alike, Each has their Suffering. Some Suffer too much, Others too little.

Better it is to Live one day Seeing the Rise and Fall of things than, To live a hundred years Without ever Seeing the Rise and Fall of Things.

Should you find a Wise Critic to Point out your Faults, Follow him as you would a Guide to Hidden Treasure.

Praise and Blame, Gain and Loss, Pleasure and Sorrow come and go like the wind. To be Happy, Rest like a Giant tree in the Midst of them All.

An Idea that is Developed and put into Action is more Important than an Idea that Exists only as an Idea.

Believe Nothing, No matter where you Read it or who said it, No matter if I have said it, Unless it Agrees with your own Reason and Your own Common Sense.

There is No Fire like Passion, There is No shark like Hatred, There is No snare like Folly, There is no Torrent like Greed.

Do not Overrate what you have Received, Nor Envy others. He who Envies Others does not obtain Peace of Mind.

It is Easy to see the Faults of Others but Difficult to See one’s own Faults.

Life is like the Harp String, if it is Strung too Tight it won’t Play, if it is too Loose it Hangs, the Tension that Produces the Beautiful sound lies in the Middle.

When Watching after Yourself, You watch after others. When Watching after Others, You watch after Yourself.

Let None find Fault with Others, Let none see the Omissions and Commissions of others. Let one see One’s own Acts, done and undone.

Do not Turn away What is Given you, Nor reach out for What is Given to Others, Lest you Disturb your Quietness.

You are a Seeker. Delight in the Mastery of your Hands and your Feet, of your Words and your Thoughts.

What we are Today comes from our Thoughts of Yesterday and our Present Thoughts build our Life of Tomorrow: Our Life is the Creation of our Mind.

The One who has Conquered himself is a Far Greater Hero than He who has Defeated a thousand times a Thousand men.

If with a Pure Mind a person Speaks or Acts, Happiness follows him like his Never Departing Shadow.

Whatever Words we Utter should be chosen with Care for people will Hear them and be Influenced by them for Good or ill.

Every Experience, No matter how Bad it Seems, Holds within it a Blessing of some Kind. The Goal is to Find it.

What you Think you Create, What you Feel you Attract, What you Imagine you Become.

In the End, only Three things Matter: How much you Loved, How gently you Lived and How gracefully you Let go of Things not Meant for You.

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