Woodcutter Story – Take Time to Think.. (Must Read)

Woodcutter Moral Stories - Time to Relax Think Motivational Uplifting StoryOnce upon a time, In a village lived a woodcutter. Woodcutter went to a timber merchant for a job and he got it. His pay was good and working condition was also good and because of this wood cutter wanted to do his best.

Now on the first day of work his boos gave him an axe and showed him the area where woodcutter had to work.

On first day of work, in evening woodcutter bought 18 trees. His boss congratulated him for his work and said, “Go on..”

Feeling motivated bys his boss words, woodcutter worked harder than before but still could bring only 16 tress. Next day he worked even harder but again could only bring 13 tress.

Day by day he was bringing less trees even after trying very hard. Due to this woodcutter felt very sad.

Woodcutter thought that he might be losing his strength so he went to his boss and explained all and apologized saying, “I can’t understand what’s going on..”

His boss understood the problem and asked, “When was the last time you sharpened your axe?”

Woodcutter replied, “Sharpened axe?? I had no time to do that as i was busy very busy cutting trees.”

Our lives are same. We get so busy with everything that we don’t take time to Introspect ourselves.


There is nothing wrong with activities and hard work but because of this we neglect what’s more important.
We all need time to Relax and Think and Meditate, to Learn and Grow. If we don’t take this much time for ourselves then we will become dull and lose our effectiveness.

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