Woodcutter and Yumdoot Story! Deep Meaning

Woodcutter and Yumdoot Story! Deep MeaningOnce lived a woodcutter who had turned seventy. He lived all his life carrying woods and was fed up of his life.

Many times in his life he thought about dying. Many times he asked to God, “Why don’t you just kill me? What is the meaning of this life? Cutting wood everyday! Selling wood everyday! I am tired!

After working whole day, somehow i am able to earn a living. Still sometimes i am not able to eat to my fill and sometimes i don’t even get to eat even once a day.

Sometimes when it rain for a long time or fell ill, i couldn’t go to cut woods. I can’t even make much money by cutting and selling woods.”

One day, while returning from forest on his way to market, he stopped mid way and threw his bundle of wood away and sat down, folded his hands, looking towards sky, he said, “Death comes to everyone then why not to me? Yumdoot (messenger of God of Death), have you forgotten me? Please take me away..!”

Just then, co-incidentally, a yumdoot was passing by that way, to pick someone soul.

Hearing woodcutter call, yumdoot went to him. He placed his hand on woodcutter’s shoulder and said, “What do you want? Why are you calling me?”

When woodcutter turned around, he saw yumdoot standing in front of him. Seeing him, he trembled.

He thought to himself, “I begged for death many times in my life, until it came in real!!”

Thinking of death, he couldn’t thinking of asking for that. He replied, “Nothing, nothing.. My bundle of woods had fallen and there was no one to life it here. So, i called you.

But you didn’t had to come. I don’t want to die. I just wanted help to pick up this bundle. Please help me pick it up and keep on my head.”

Yumdoot helped him and went on his way.

That day, woodcutter felt like a young man again. He was happy to be alive.

My times in Life, when we face difficult situation in life, we find it easy to just give up and ask for death! But in reality, what we want is to Get over that difficult time, not die.

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