Wisdom and Knowledge Stories

Wisdom and Knowledge Stories - Working Together StoriesStory 1: Why to Learn Together..??

Once all disciples were sitting with master.

One of disciple questioned his master, “Master, Everyone says that to find spiritual inner self one have to go alone in search of it.

If it’s true then why are we all together here learning about Spiritual Enlightenment?”

Master replied, “A tree in forest is always stronger than a lone tree. In forest, humidity is maintained and it also helps to maintain soil fertile. Forest can resist hurricane or any other nature calamity.

In forest, Different trees and plants grow together helping each other making their roots stronger and more deep.

Similarly, When we work together allows us to grow and help each other. In this way with others help we can grow in our way and be a better person.

This helps us to learn our weakness and also see faults in ourselves and correct them. This is path one should follow who wish to commune with God.”

When we Learn with others, It gives us Opportunity to Learn different things and Views and be a Better person.


Wisdom and Knowledge Stories - Nature StoriesStory 2: Big Tree Bearing Tiny Walnuts..!!

Once a man was lying in the shade of a very big walnut tree. He was resting there thinking about nature.

Looking up at the mighty tree the thought to himself, “God is great and wise but was it indeed wise that such great tree was created to bear such tiny fruits like walnuts??

Trees with such stout stem and strong limbs can easily carry weight of great pumpkins. And yet pumpkins grows from spindly vines in fields and those vines can not even bear weight of their own fruit.”

Thinking this man dozed off and was suddenly awakened by a walnut that fell from the tree striking him on his forehead.

Seeing what happened he thought to himself, “Thank God. Trees bear only Walnut.. if it had been pumpkin that fell on my head, i would have been killed by that.’

God is merciful and he has arranged Nature very wisely.

We should Trust God with Everything. God has Arranged everything in this Nature very Wisely and Everything that Exist and Happens, Happens for a Reason.

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