Wild Flowers in Rich Man Garden!!

Wild Flowers in Rich Man Garden!!Once in a village, lived rich man who had everything but still would get upset about small things that would make him uncomfortable. He loved gardening very much and had planted all kind of flowers in his garden.

As spring came, midst of all beautiful flowers, he saw that wild flowers were also grown. Seeing those wild flowers, he got sad, he didn’t want them in his garden. He uprooted those wild flowers and threw them away. But after few days those wild flowers grew again.

Rich man thought why not use medicine on them.

He called an expert. Expert told him that if medicine is used in garden, it would wipe out wild flowers but also effect flowers he had planted.

One day, rich man met his friend and told him all about it.

His friend smiled and said, “You did not wish for these flowers but now they have become a part of your garden. You can be happy only by accepting this as it is. If you want to take advantage of the virtues, then you have to tolerate the demerits..!!”

Rich man understood what his friend said and after that day, he was never again bothered by those wild flowers grown in his garden.

Along with Good things, Bad things are included in the Essential Rules of Life. Where many things are good, some unwanted problems and troubles also arise. We should Learn to ignore them. Because this is the Best way to Live Happily.

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