Why One Should Keep Doing Good! (Must Read)

Why One Should Keep Doing Good (Must Read)Many time in life we see that good people have to suffer and evil people get awarded. This story May help one to understand this a little.

Narad Ji always used to roam around. One day he saw that a cow was trapped in a swamp in the forest. Cow tried a lot but couldn’t get out and got tired.

After a while, a thief came there and saw trapped cow. He did not try to get cow out of swamp but instead crossed the swamp by using cow body as platform to walk over swamp.

When he crossed swamp, he found gold coins.

Just then a sage came and saw cow trapped. He came forward and tried his best to get the cow out of swamp. With all his effort, he was able to get cow out of swamp.

After helping cow, when he moved forward, he fell into a pit.

Narad Ji saw all this and couldn’t understand.

So he went to God Vishnu and told everything he saw and then asked, “Why did it happen? Person who helped cow get out of swamp, he himself fell into the pit and one who didn’t help and walked over cow got gold coins!”

God Vishnu smiled and said, “Because of his past Karma, he had treasure waiting for him but due to his present Karma, what he found was only few gold coins.

Where as that sage was about to die, but then by saving cow, his virtues increased, so he fell into the pit and got hurt a little.”

That’s why a Person should Keep doing Good Deeds. It is our Today’s Work that decides our Tomorrow.

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