Why do We Offer Food to God? Saint Answer

Why do We Offer Food to God - Saint AnswerOnce a person asked Jagat Guru Shankaracharya, “Why do we offer food to God? Does God eat from whatever we offer?

Does any change occur to food after we offer it to God? Is there any change in color, taste or quantity of food we offer?”

If not, why do we do this? Isn’t this hypocrisy? If this is hypocrisy then why should we indulge in such activity?”

Everyone around got curious.

Shankaracharya smiled and said, “It is matter of understanding that when we offer food to God, what does he take from it..?

Suppose you are going to temple with a box of Ladoos (sweets) to offer it to God and on the way, someone you know meet you and ask

What is this?

You tell him this box is Ladoo.

Then he asks to whom does it belongs?

At this you say it’s mine.

You reach temple and offer that box of Ladoo at God’s feet and dedicate it to him. Then you take Prasad and go back to home.

Again, on your way back, you meet someone you know and he asks

What’s this?

At that time what do you say?

You say that it is Prasad (oblation – food offered to God)

Then he asks to whom does it belong?

You say it is of Hanuman ji.

Now, thing to understand is that Ladoo is same. There is no difference in color and taste. So what did God take from it?

In reality, God has taken Person’s Ego.

This thinking of Me/ Mine, One’s Ego was surrendered as soon as he offered that food at feet of God.

By offering to God, man becomes humble, clean mind without ego. Therefore, this can not be called hypocrisy.”

** We should respect our Saints who take us away from Ignorance and illuminate us with Light of Knowledge.**

God doesn’t need Anything from Us. It’s us who Needs God to keep ourselves Humble and Down to earth. It Helps us to Let go our Ego and gives us Peace of Mind.

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