Who is Superior? Elephant and Monkey Story

Who is Superior - Elephant and Monkey StoryOnce in a forest, lived an elephant and a monkey who were too proud of their own qualities and both considered themselves superior to other. They would often quarrel about it.

An owl used to see them and was fed of their such fights. So one day, owl said to them, “I have been watching you both arguing and fighting for many days. Your fights never end. So, to end this debate, i have an idea..

Why not both of you get into a competition with each other and who ever wins will be considered the Best… What do you say?”

Elephant and monkey looked at each other and then asked, “What competition?”

Owl replied, “Beyond this forest there is another forest. There is an old tree which bears golden fruit. Whichever of you two brings that golden fruit first, will be the winner and other will accept him as superior.”

Both agreed. Next day, at decided time competition started between elephant and monkey.

As soon as competition started, monkey started moving quickly by jumping from one tree to another and at the same time, the elephant started moving forward by uprooting and trampling the trees coming in the way with its trunk.

In no time, both crossed the forest and reached a river, which they had to cross to enter another forest.

As soon as monkey reached there, he quickly jumped into the river but because of strong current of water, monkey got caught in strong current and was getting swept away with it. When elephant reached there and saw this, he quickly pulled monkey out by holding him with its trunk.

Monkey was surprised to see this as he didn’t expected that. Expressing his gratitude, monkey said to elephant, “Thank you for saving my life. I will not be able to go further from here. You go.”

Elephant replied, “You can sit on my back, that way both of us will be able to cross the river.”

Monkey sat on the back of the elephant and both crossed the river comfortably. After crossing the river, both reached another forest. There they went searching for the old tree and soon found tree bearing golden fruit.

The elephant tried to uproot the tree by holding the trunk of the tree with its trunk, as fruit was on topmost branch of that tree but the trunk of the tree was so thick that it could not hold it properly.

Disappointed, he said, “It is not possible for me to pluck the golden fruit.”

Seeing this, monkey said, “Let me try.”

And he jumped up on a branch of the tree, and then jumping and jumping, he reached the topmost branch of the tree, where the golden fruit was planted. He came down after plucking the golden fruit.

Then both of them returned their forest and went to owl and gave him that golden fruit.

Now, as owl was about to announce the winner of competition, both stopped him and said, “No need to declare a winner now.. We were able to bring this fruit only because of joint efforts of both of us.

We have understood that the qualities of both of us are best in their respective places. We have decided that from now on we will never fight about it.

Every creature is Different from Each other. They have their Own Qualities and also their Weaknesses. One is not better than the other, Just Different and Better at its own Level.

We do not have to Fight with each other but have to Respect everyone and Live together. If we Respect each other’s qualities and live together then Life will be pleasant.

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