Who is Poor – King or Yogi?

Who is Poor Story - King Offer to Yogi Moral Story abt Being ContentOnce a King was leading his army across snowy peaks of mountains that bounded his kingdom, into his neighbor’s kingdom for war.

When he was at peak where cold was unbearable, on his way he saw a Yogi who was sitting there with his head between his knee, evidently to protect himself from chill wind. Yogi had no clothes on his body.

King thought of him as poor man and was overcome with pity and took off his coat and offered it to Yogi (One who has mastered the senses and mind).

Yogi refused to accept them and said, “God has given me enough clothing to guard me against heat and cold. He has already given me all that i need. Please give to someone who is poor.”

King was surprised at Yogi’s word.

King then asked, “But i don’t see any clothes on you. Where is that clothing?”

Yogi replied, “God himself has woven it for me. I am wearing it since birth and will wear it until death.”

Then Yogi pointed toward his skin and said, “Here it is, my skin. You can give these coat and shawl to beggar or poor man who need it.”

Listening to this King started to go on his way, and when he was about to leave, Yogi asked, “Where are you going?”

King replied, “I am going to my neighbor kingdom.”

Yogi had seen King’s army and questioned again, “Why?”

King proudly replied, “I am going to neighboring kingdom to defeat it’s King and add his kingdom to my own.”

Listening to this Yogi smiled and said, “If you are not satisfied with your own kingdom and prepared to sacrifice your life and lives of these thousand’s soldiers to get more land then certainly, you are much poorer than me. So offer these clothes to yourself, you need them more than I do.”

King was greatly ashamed and understood futility of fame and fortune. He thanked Yogi for opening his eye to his own poverty and decided not to go for war. That time King realized that Contentment is the most precious treasure.

Great Man spread light of their Wisdom


their every Word and Deed. Key to Happiness is Being Content with What we Have..

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