Who is Most Religious Person? King Challenge to his Sons

Who is Most Religious Person King Challenge to his SonsA King had four sons. One day, he called his sons and said, “Go and find a religious person and whoever will find the most religious person will get the throne.”

After few days, his eldest son brought a Scholar who had knowledge of many religious scriptures. King welcomed him and appreciated his work. After this Scholar left.

Second son bought a Pandit. Pandit had travelled to many religious places all his life. King welcomed him and gave him gifts and then bid him farewell.

Third son bought a Monk. As soon as Monk arrived, he sat down and started meditating. He was a great ascetic and used to eat only once a week. King also sent him back after giving him a proper welcome.

Fourth son bought a poor village man and said to King, “He was washing wounds of a dog. You can decide yourself whether he is religious person or not?”

King asked that man, “Do you do any religious activity?”

Man replied, “I am illiterates. I can’t read any scriptures. I don’t know what religious rites are..

But if someone falls ill, i take care of him. If someone is hungry, i give him food. If someone needs help with something, i help according to my capacity.”

King gave gifts to village man and appointed his fourth son as his successor.

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