Where is Happiness Hidden? Short Story

Where is Happiness Hidden Short StoryOnce God Brahma, the creator of the universe, decided to hide happiness. So, he called his council of ministers.

When ministers appeared, Brahma said, “Because humans do not understand the importance of easily attained happiness and are not completely happy.

Therefore, I want to hide happiness at such a place from where humans cannot find it easily. So if human would find happiness after searching for it, then may be they would be really happy.

Now you guys advise me where to hide my happiness.”

“It would be appropriate to hide it in the depths of the earth.”, first consultation came.

“But man will easily get it by digging”, expressing disagreement, Brahma ji said.

“Then we should hide it in depth of ocean.”, another one said.

“Even from there man will find it easily.”, Brahma ji spoke.

Another one said, “Why not hide it in mountains?”

Brahma ji said, “They will climb there and find it..”

Like this many suggestions were given by ministers but none were good enough.

Then after thinking and discussing a lot, Brahma ji reached a decision, with which ministers also agreed.

Brahma ji decided that happiness should be hidden inside the human heart. Man will not think of finding it there but if human could find happiness there, he will be really happy in his life.

We often look for Happiness Outside but the Real Happiness lies within us. You need to Find it within Yourself.

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