When Someone Abuse your Verbally – Warrior Story

When Someone Abuse your Verbally - Warrior StoryOnce in a kingdom lived a great warrior. He had never lost to anyone. He was famous in his kingdom as well as in neighboring kingdom. Many young man used to come to him to learn war skills.

One day, a notorious young fighter came to kingdom. This young man was determined to defeat great warrior. Young man was incomparably powerful and had a specialty.

His expertise was that he could identify his enemy’s weakness and then defeat him. For this, he would wait for enemy to attack first and during this, he would be able to fight out his enemy weakness.

Once attacked, he would attack back with complete ruthlessness and end fight with last blow.

When young man challenged great warrior, he accepted it.

On day of fight, both came face to face. As soon as fight began, young man started insulting great warrior, so that he would attack him, first. He continued abusing old warrior for long time and humiliated him in as many ways as possible.

Still old warrior remained calm, concentrated and watched young man’s every move. Young fighter started to get tired and ultimately seeing his defeat in front of him, he ran away.

During fight, listening to all this abuse, old warrior’s disciple were angry and disappointed that their master didn’t fight that disrespecting young man. They were angry that great warrior didn’t teach him lesson.

They asked their master, “How could you tolerate so much insult? How could you let him run away?”

Great warrior smiled and said, “If someone brings you some gift but you refuse to take it then who is left with gift?”

One disciple replied, “One who bought the gift.”

Great warrior, “Right, when young man abused me, i didn’t receive it. Then with whom was it left with? Only with the giver.”

Similarly, don’t waste your strength in fighting with verbal abuser. Instead remain silent for sometime. This way verbal abuser will lose it power over you.

When you do Sadhana or meditation, the biggest thing that you find, is inner peace. When you find inner peace, other will not be able to provoke you and will have no power to be able to influence you.

So, if you have to fight due to circumstance, then fight while remaining calm inside, without getting angry.

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