What Will People Say!! Monk Story

What Will People Say!! Motivational StoryA monk went to the bank of a river and after drinking water, put his head on a stone and fell asleep.

Just then 3-4 Paniharins (water woman) came for water at that river.

First Paniharin said, “Oh! He became a monk yet he can not leave it attachment to pillow. Even if it is of stone but still he kept it.”

Monk listened to her words and immediately threw the stone.

Seeing this, second Paniharin said, “He became a monk and yet he gets irritated. He threw away this stone pillow in anger. His fury hasn’t gone yet.”

Listening to this, monk started thinking, “What should i do now?”

Seeing monk’s face, third Panisharin said, “Baba! This is panghat (river bank) and paniharins like us will keep coming here, talking like this, if all these talks affect you and make you change your way to live again and again then how will you do your Sadhna?”

Just then fourth Paniharin said a very beautiful and a very wonderful thing, “Baba, forgive me but i feel, you have left everything but not your mind, till now it remains the same.

If world calls you a hypocrite then let them say it, you keep chanting Harinam (God’s name).

Because world is like this, If you walk looking up, they will say you are arrogant and if you walk looking down, they will say that you are careless and don’t look in front while walking.

If you close your eyes, they will say “he is pretending to meditate” and if you look around, they will say “his eyes keep wandering” and if you burst you eyes after getting upset because of all such talks then, world will say “one has to suffer, according to his deeds”

It is Easy to Please God but it is Impossible to Please the World, If you Pay Attention to What the World will say, You will not be able to Concentrate on Yourself.

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