What is Value of Life? Man Question to Buddha

What is Value of Life Man Question to BuddhaA man went to Buddha and asked, “What is value of life?”

Buddha gave him a shinning stone and said, “Go to market and find out about value of this stone and come back. But remember not to sell it to anyone.”

Man went to market.

First he met a fruit seller and showed him the stone and asked for it price. Fruit seller said, “I can give you a dozen of orange in exchange for this stone.”

Next, he went to a vegetable seller. Vegetable seller quoted price of stone as one sack of potato.

After that he went to a goldsmith and showed him the stone. Goldsmith immediately offered him fifty lakh for that stone.

When man refused to sell the stone, goldsmith said, “I will give you two crore for this stone.”

Man again refused and left. After that he went to a jeweler who used to deal in diamonds.

When man showed the stone to jeweler, he first bought out a cloth, spread it on table and then placed stone on it.

Then he asked man, “Where did you find this precious ruby. I cannot put a price on it, it’s a rare piece.”

Listening to this, man left and went straight to Buddha and told him whole story and said, “Now, tell me, what is value of  life?”

Buddha replied, “Fruit seller quotes the price of this stone as a dozen orange, vegetable seller quoted one sack of potatoes as it price, goldsmith offered you two crore and jeweler considered it priceless.

Exactly same is situation of human life.

You are undoubtedly a diamond but keep in mind that person in front of you will value you only according to his status, his knowledge and his understanding.

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