What is the Value of a Human? Father Son Story

What is the Value of a Human? Father Son Story Once there was a boy name Arav. His father used to run an iron shop where he used to help his father with his work.

One day he asked his father, “What is the value of a human is this world?”

Father was surprised by this question. Father thought for a while and said, “Son, it is very difficult to judge the value of any human being because his value is priceless.

Son couldn’t understand and asked, “How is that? If price of all human being is priceless then Why it is that some gets less respect and some more?”

His Father bought a piece of iron bar lying in store room and then asked, “What will be cost of this piece of iron?”

Son replied, “500 rs.”

Father asked, “If i make small nails out of this piece then what will be it’s cost?”

Son thought for a while and then said, “Doing this will increase its price and It will be sold at 1200 rs.”

Now father asked, “What if i use it to make a lot of springs for watch then what will be it’s price?”

Son replied, “Then we can get more money from this.”

Father smiled and said, “Value of a man is just like this piece of iron bar. Value of man is not in what he is now but in, what he can make of himself.

Son now understood what his father wanted to say.

We also make Mistakes many times in Estimating our Worth. Seeing our Present status, we Start considering ourselves as Valueless and Meaningless.

We do not Think about what we can make of Ourselves in Future and we Judge our Worth by what we are now. Therefore, We should always keep Improving ourselves and keeping Moving forward to Learn our Right value.

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