What is Essence of Education? Saint Answer

What is Essence of Education - Disciple QuestionThere was an ashram of saint on banks of Ganges in Kashi. His disciples also used to live there.

One day one of his disciple asked, “What is essence of education?”

Saint smiled and said, “One day you will know about it yourself..”

After some days, at night saint gave a book to his disciple and said, “Take this and keep it on chair in my room.”

It was dark inside room. Disciple went to room with book but returned immediately, trembling with fear.

Saint asked, “What happened? Why are you so scared?”

Disciple said, “There is a snake in your room..”

Saint calmly said, “It must be an illusion. From where will snake come in that room! You go back.”

Saying this, Saint gave disciple a mantra and said, “Enter room while reciting this mantra. If there is a snake, it will run away after listening to that mantra.”

Disciple again went into room, chanting mantra but snake was still there. It didn’t move. He came out in fear again and went to saint and said, “Snake is not going from there.”

This time saint handed him lighted lamp and said, “Take this lamp. If there is a snake, it will run away seeing light of lamp.”

This time, disciple went to room with lighted lamp. As soon as he entered room, he saw that there was no snake.

He found that, it was a rope hanging in place of snake and because of darkness, he mistook that piece of rope as snake.

Now, disciple went to saint and said, “There was no snake, it was a piece of rope. In dark, i mistook it for a snake.”

Saint smiled and said, “Son, This is answer of your question. Just like this illusion which you saw today, this world is entangled in deep web of illusions and Only by the light of knowledge can this web of illusion be removed. This is essence of education.”

In Life, Due to Ignorance, we create many illusions and are unable to remove them due to Lack of inner lamp. The Light of Inner lamp is obtained through continuous Self-study and acquisitions of Knowledge. Unless the light of the Inner lamp is ignited, people cannot get Rid of the illusion.

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