What is Beyond Wealth? Woodcutter and Fakir Story

What is Beyond Wealth Woodcutter and Fakir StoryA fakir used to meditate under a tree near forest. There he used to see a woodcutter everyday. Woodcutter looked weak and poor.

So, one day, he called woodcutter and asked him, “Brother, you cut wood all day. Are you able to earn enough?”

Woodcutter sadly replied, “I can’t even manage to get two meals per day. Sometimes, can’t even buy a meal for day.”

Fakir said, “Then why don’t you go a little further, there is a sandalwood forest ahead. If you cut and sell that wood, you will be able to earn enough for food for seven days.”

Poor woodcutter didn’t believe at first but then he thought – What’s harm in going further.

When he went further, he found forest of sandalwood tree. Woodcutter was surprised.

When he returned, he put his head at feet and said, “Sorry, forgive me. I had doubts because i had known this forest for whole life and yet didn’t knew about this sandalwood forest. I wish i knew about it before.”

Fakir replied, “Don’t worry. You know about it now.”

Now, woodcutter day’s were passing comfortably. He would cut and sell wood one day and would not come to forest for week.

One day, Fakir saw him and called him, “Brother, you had been cutting wood all your life. have you not thought of going further? Never did question arise that there could be something beyond sandalwood?”

Woodcutter replied, “No, i never thought about it. Is there anything beyond this forest?”

Fakir said, “If you go further, you will find a silver mine.”

Woodcutter trusted fakir words and went ahead. He found mine and happily collected all the silver and sold it in market. Now, he didn’t came to forest for months.

This happened few times.

One day, fakir saw him and called him again and said, “Have you not thought what if there is something beyond silver mine? Doesn’t it occur to you to look ahead?”

Woodcutter replied, “I never thought of this. I thought silver was last thing i could get.”

Fakir said, “There is gold mine a little further ahead and beyond that is a diamond mine.”

Woodcutter went ahead and found both mines. Now he was rich and living a life of luxury.

One day, woodcutter came back to forest.

Fakir called him and said, “Have you stopped at diamond mines? Don’t you want to go further?”

Woodcutter replied, “Don’t trouble me. I have everything now.”

Fakir asked, “Are you happy?”

Woodcutter stood quietly for a while and then started crying bitterly.

Fakir said, “Do you know why this man who knows about even diamond mine and yet sitting here? He must have something beyond diamonds. Didn’t this question never arose in your mind?”

Woodcutter started crying and put his head on fakir’s feet and said, “I have everything but peace of mind. Thing called happiness have gone far away from my life.”

Fakir said, “Now, you have lots of wealth, there is not need for any more wealth. Now, you should look within you.

This is what i want to tell you. Don’t stop until disturbances going on inside. Calm down, learn about inner peace and then you will experience – the experience of being close to GOD.

That is True Happiness.

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