Ways to Live Better Life – Quotes by Dalai Lama

Ways to Live Better Life - Quotes by Dalai LamaIt is under the Greatest adversity that There exists the Greatest potential for doing Good, both for Oneself and Others.

Hard times build Determination and Inner strength. Through them we can also come to Appreciate the Uselessness of Anger. Instead of getting Angry, nurture a Deep caring and Respect for troublemakers because by Creating such trying Circumstances, They provide us with Invaluable opportunities to Practice tolerance and Patience.

Optimism doesn’t mean that you are Blind to the Reality of the situation. It Means that you remain Motivated to seek a Solution to whatever Problems arise.

Instead of looking to Blame others and the World around us, We should first Look within Ourselves.

The Challenge today is to Convince people of the Value of truth, Honesty, Compassion and a Concern for others.

Ethics are not a Collection of Commandments and Prohibitions to abide by but a Natural inner offering that can bring Happiness and Satisfaction to Ourselves and others.

When you don’t have much concern for Others and You feel you are the Center of the Universe, you will be dogged by Feelings of Suspicion left and right.

To be Aware of a Single Shortcoming in Oneself is more useful than to be Aware of a Thousand in Someone else.

There are only Two days in the Year that Nothing can be done. One is called Yesterday and the other is called Tomorrow. Today is the right day to Love, Believe, Do and mostly Live.

If you can Cultivate the Right Attitude, your Enemies are your Best spiritual teachers because their Presence provides you with the Opportunity to Enhance and develop Tolerance, Patience and Understanding.

When our Intentions toward others are Good, we find that any Feelings of Anxiety or Insecurity we may have are greatly Reduced. We experience a Liberation from our Habitual preoccupation with Self and Paradoxically, This gives rise to Strong feelings of Confidence.

If we Think only of Ourselves, Forget about other people then our Minds occupy very Small area. Inside that small area, even Tiny problem appears very Big.

The Moment you develop a Sense of concern for others, You realize that, Just like ourselves, They also want Happiness, They also want Satisfaction.

If you Think only of Yourself, only your own Happiness, the Result is actually Less Happiness. You get more Anxiety, more Fear.

When we feel Love and Kindness towards others, It not only makes others feel Loved and Cared for but it helps us also to Develop inner Happiness and Peace.

Cultivating a close, Warmhearted feeling for others, Automatically puts the Mind at Ease. It helps Remove whatever fears or Insecurities we may have and gi

ves us the Strength to cope with any Obstacles we Encounter. It is the principal source of Success in Life.

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