Want to Reach Destination Quickly! Old Man Advice

Want to Reach Destination Quickly! Old Man AdviceA man crossed a river and saw an old man sitting there. He went to old man and asked, “How far is city from here?”

Old man replied, “Not too far.”

Man asked, “I have heard that city gates get closed as the sun sets. It’s almost evening now. Will i reach there?”

Old man replied, “If you walk slow, you can reach there before sunset.”

Man was surprised to hear this and thought that people say to go fast but he is saying opposite, this old man must be joking.

He ignored old man advice and ran fast to reach before sunset but on his way he stumbled and fell down.

Man got injured but somehow he got up and started walking. He was having a lot of difficulty in walking.

When it was about to get dark, he was a little far from city gate.

Just then a person was passing right next to him. When he saw that man, he started laughing.

Man got angry and asked, “Why are you laughing?”

Person said, “Condition you are in today, i too had been in same situation. You also couldn’t understand what old man had said.”

Man asked, “Tell me clearly.”

Person replied, “When old man says to walk slowly, people find it strange. By saying this, he wants to tell you that road is rough and rocky. So it’s better to walk slow, if you walk slowly carefully then you can reach.”

Just running fast is not enough in life, walking carefully is important to reach your destination.

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