23 Swami Vivekananda Quotes

Vivekananda Quotes - Work and Success Motivational Quotes for Students#Golden Words

Talk to Yourself Once in a Day… Otherwise you may Miss meeting an Excellent Person in this World.

Be Grateful to the Man you help, think of Him as God. It is not a Great Privilege to be allowed to Worship God by Helping our Fellow men.

3 Golden rules!! Who is Helping you, Don’t forget them. Who is Loving you, Don’t hate them. Who is trusting you, Don’t cheat them.

Are you Unselfish? That is the Question. If you are, you will be Perfect without Reading a single Religious book, without going to a Single church or temple.

Do not Wait for Anybody or Anything. Do whatever you can, Build your Hope on None.


#Work and Success Quotes

Take up an Idea, Devote yourself to It, Struggle on in Patience and the Sun will Rise for You.

When an Idea exclusively Occupies the Mind, it is Transformed into an Actual Physical or Mental state.

If the Mind is intensely Eager, Everything can be Accomplished-mountains can be Crumbled into Atom.

Those who Work at a thing Heart and Soul not only Achieve Success in it but through their Absorption in that they also Realize the supreme Truth-Brahman. Those who Work at a thing with their whole Heart receive Help from God.

This Life is a Hard Fact, Work your way through it Boldly, though it may be Adamantine, no matter, the Soul is Stronger.

When you are doing any Work.. Do it as Worship, as he Highest Worship and Devote your whole Life to it for the Time being.

Each Work has to Pass through these Stages – Ridicule, Opposition and then Acceptance. Those who Think ahead of their Time are sure to be Misunderstood.

Work and Worship are Necessary to take away the Veil, to lift off the Bondage and Illusion.


#Be Sensible to Other

Condemn None: if you can Stretch out a Helping Hand, do so. If you Cannot, Fold your hands, Bless your Brothers and Let them Go their own Way.

Do not Hate anybody because that Hatred which comes out from you Must, in the Long run, Come back to you, if you Love, that Love will come back to you, Completing the Circle.

The Reason for every Misunderstanding is that We see the people as We are But not as They are.

Stand up, be Bold, and take the Blame on your Own Shoulders. Do not go about Throwing Mud at other, for all the Faults you Suffer from, you are the Sole and only Cause.


#Quotes about Character

Neither money Pays, not Name, nor Fame, nor Learning, It is CHARACTER that Cleave through Adamantine walls of Difficulties.

Great Work requires Great and Persistent effort for a long time… Character has to be established through a Thousand Stumbles.

It is the Patient building of Character, the Intense Struggle to Realize the Truth, which Alone will tell in the Future of Humanity.

What the World wants is a Character. The World is in Need of those whose life is One Burning Love, Selfless. That Love will make every word tell like a Thunderbolt.

We want that Education by which Character is formed, Strength of Mind is Increased, the Intellect is Expanded, and by which One can Stand on One’s own Feet.

Watch people do their most Commo

n Actions, these are indeed the Things that will tell you the Real Character of a Great Person.

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