Vincent Van Gogh Quotes about Life and Art

Vincent Van Gogh Quotes about Life and ArtIt is Good to Love many things, for therein Lies the True strength and whosoever Loves much Performs much and can Accomplish much and What is done in Love is well done.

If you Truly love Nature, you will find Beauty Everywhere.

The Best way to know Life is to Love many things.

It must be Good to die in the Knowledge that one has done some Truthful work and to Know that, as a result, one will Live on in the Memory of at least a few and Leave a Good example for those who come after.

Normality is a paved Road: It’s Comfortable to Walk but No flowers Grow on it.

It is with the Reading of Books the same as with looking at Pictures: one Must, without Doubt, without Hesitations, with Assurance, Admire what is Beautiful.

Love is eternal – the Aspect may Change but Not the Essence. There is the Same Difference in a person before and after he is in Love as there is in an Unlighted Lamp and One that is Burning. The Lamp was there and was a Good lamp but now it is Shed.

Let’s not Forget that the little Emotions are the Great captains of our Lives and we Obey them without Realizing it.

Your Profession is Not what brings home your weekly Paycheck, your Profession is what you are put here on Earth to do, with such Passion and such Intensity that it becomes Spiritual in Calling.

We Spent our Whole lives in Unconsous Exercise of the Art of Expressing our Thoughts with the Help of Words.

There is Nothing more Truly Artistic than to Love people.

If you Hear a Voice within you say you cannot Paint, Then by all means Paint and that Voice will be Silenced.

Art is to Console those who are Broken by Life.

Keep your Love of Nature, for that is the True way to understand Art more and more.

How Rich art is, if one can only Remember what one has Seen, One is Never Empty of Thoughts or truly lonely, Never Alone.

There are Two ways of Reasoning about Painting: How to do it and How not to do it, How to d it with Great deal of Drawing and not much Color, How not to do it with a Great Deal of color and not much Drawing.

Painting is a Faith and it Imposes the Duty to Disregard public opinion.

Paintings have a Life of their own that Derives from the Painter’s Soul.

One must Spoil as many Canvases as one Succeeds with.

One begins by Plaguing oneself to No purpose in order to be True to Nature

and one concludes by working Quietly from one’s own Palette alone and then Nature is the Result.

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