Vast Like Sea – Thoughts to Motivate Yourself and Live Happy

Vast Like Sea - Thoughts to Motivate Yourself and Live HappyA strong wave came on beach and sandal of a child was washed away with it.

Seeing this, child wrote with his finger on sand – Sea is a thief.

On the other side, a fisherman caught a lot of fish.

He wrote on sand – Sea is my nurturer.

Just a little while later, a young man died by drowning into sea.

His Mother, saddened by loss of his son, wrote on sand – Sea is a killer.

On other side, a poor old man while walking on sand, found a priceless pearl in a big oyster.

He wrote on sand – Sea is very generous.

Then suddenly a big wave came and went away erasing all the writing.

What does this mean?

Means sea doesn’t bother about people’s opinion, it is happy with its waves.

If you want to become vast like a sea, then never pay attention to useless talks. Decide yourself, your enthusiasm, bravery and peace etc. according to your own life.

Why to not think about people thinking for you?

It’s because, their opinion keep on changing according to circumstances. If a fly falls in tea, then tea is thrown away with fly but if it falls in pure ghee, then fly is thrown away.

Therefore, always stay healthy, cool and keep laughing, smiling and take care of yourself.

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  1. I would like to thank you for doing such a wonderful work which inspires people like me to boost there self-confidence in form of stories. Short and sweet stories healing my soul when I really need someone to hear to tackle my issues or happiness , during that time these words make me strong and giving hope to move on be your version.


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