Unity is Strength – Sparrow’s Revenge..!!

Unity is Strength Story - Results can be Achieved if Worked Together StoryOnce in a forest, a sparrow had nest on a tree where she laid her eggs. She was expecting her newborns to come out of egg soon.

But one day, an elephant went berserk and went on to crush all the trees branches in it’s way.

When sparrow saw that elephant approaching her nest’s way she asked him to stop but elephant didn’t listen and destroyed that branch also on which sparrows has is nest.

As branch fell, so did the nest and her eggs fell on ground and broke. Sparrow was heart broken to see her broken eggs and began to cry.

Seeing this a woodpecker, came to her and asked her reason for crying. Sparrow old her everything that happened.

Wood pecker consoled her and said, “You can’t do anything by crying. You can’t change what happened..”

Sparrow replied, “That’s true but my children were killed by that elephant. If you can help.. Please suggest me a way to destroy that elephant.”

Woodpecker replied, “Sure.. I will help you my friend.”

She took her to one of her friend Fly. After meeting her they told them all about what happened and reason to come to her.

Fly listened to them and then took them to her friend who was a frog. They all went to frog and explained everything to him.

Frog listened to them and said, “Elephant is big but he is alone.. No one from us can beat him alone but if we work together we can beat him.. I have a plan.”

Everyone agreed to be part of plan to help sparrow and then frog explained them the plan, “When the sun is scorching, fly would buzz in his ears. When he closes his eyes in sheer ecstasy, the woodpecker’s task would be to peck his eyes and make him blind.

In this scorching summer, he will certainly search for water but being blinded already he will not be able to do so. I will then sit on the edge of the nearby pit and croak at the top of my voice.

When the thirsty elephant hears me, he will think there is a pond or lake nearby and follow my voice. And when he does so, he will fall into the pit and perish. This way, we can avenge the death of the sparrow’s children..!!”

Next day everyone executed their part successfully and as result elephant fell into muddy pit and was severely wounded.

Even the Low and Humble Achieve Results when they Work Together.

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