Unity is Strength – Brothers Story

Unity is Strength Short Story - Bundle of Sticks Short Moral Stories for Kids in EngOnce in a village an old man used to live with his four Son. Four brother always used to quarrel among themselves. Seeing this their father felt very sad and wanted to end their dispute.

Father trying to talk to them but still he failed to heal their disputes. At last he thought of an idea. He called them one day and asked them to bring a bundle of wooden sticks with them.

When they came, his father asked them to stand side by side and then placed the bundle of sticks in hands of oldest son and ordered him to break it into pieces.

He tried with all his strength but was not able to break it then he asked his younger sons to break it but even they couldn’t do it.

After this their father opened that bundle and took out a single stick and then gave that to oldest son and asked him to break it. This time son was able to break it.

Similarly his younger sons were also given single stick to break and they were able to break it.

Sons were standing their in confusion that why their father is asking such things to do.

Seeing this father understood and said, “My sons, if you are divided among yourselves, you will be easily target of your enemies and you would be hurt easily But if you are of one mind and unite to assist each other then you will be like bundle of sticks which can’t be injured if you are stick together.”

In Union there is Strength and in Division we Fall.

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