How to Donate – Boy’s Donation

How to Donate Stories - God Loves Cheerful Giver Beautiful Short Story

Once in a city lived a man with his family. He was very religious and used to teach his son everything he knew about religion and it’s importance and was bringing up his son as perfectly as possible. Man decided to test, what his son has learned until now. One day when they were going … Read more

Saint Dream – Devil Story

Devil Stories - Saint Dream and It's Deep Meaning Interesting Short Story

Once a saint was going to a city. On his way he saw a big tree and stop by to rest for sometime. Saint fell asleep. He saw a dream. In his dream he saw a man who was passing by that way with five donkeys carrying heavy load, which seem to be very difficult … Read more

Rich Man and Priest – Astrology Story

Astrology Stories - Rich Man n Priest Revenge Astrology Prediction Story

Once upon a time, there was a rich man who used to live in city and follow astrology. He got to know that in neighboring village lived a girl who was good and honest and pretty. So, he decided arrange marriage of his son to that girl. He was sure that he couldn’t find better … Read more

Priest and Robbers Story

Priest Stories with Moral - Think Wisely Before Acting Short Stories

Once upon a time, In a kingdom lived a priest who had magical power and knew a special spell which was given to him by his teacher. There was a condition on use of that special spell that it can be used only once a year at a specific time. Priest had a disciple who … Read more

Young Man Smart Thinking.!

Thinking Smartly Stories - Young man Terms to Be King Interesting Story

Long ago there was a kingdom where people would change it’s King every year. Person who become King had to agree to a term that – Once year is complete he can’t stay in that kingdom anymore and had to leave to a remote island filled with dangerous wild animals. Present King’s term was getting … Read more

Wise Old Man and Stranger Story

Wise Old Man Story - Never Do Wrong Interesting Tit for Tat Story for Kids

Once upon a time there was an old man who loved gardening and had a very big and beautiful garden. He had planted many fruit trees and care for them everyday till they bear fruits. One fine day while picking up fruits with his son, old man saw that a stranger was sitting on the … Read more

Scary Story – Wrong Suggestion..!

Scary Stories for Adults - Think Before You Give Wrong Suggestion Disturbing Story

Once in a town lived a man and his wife. Man had really bad temper and used to beat his wife. Unfortunately one day even though he didn’t wanted to kill her, wife succumbed to his beating and died. When he realized what happened he became fearful of wife’s relatives and thought of consequences. Just … Read more

Different Perspective Stories

Different Perspective Stories - Respecting Differences Short Moral Stories

Story 1: Lighted Lamp..!! Once in a small town lived an old blind man. He was blind yet while walking out at night he used to carry lighted lamp with him. One night while he was out of his house, a group of young travelers saw him. After seeing him they realized that he was … Read more

Wise Man Advice – Secret of Happiness!!

Secret of Happiness Stories - Wise Man Advice to Young Man Moral Story

Once an old man wanted his son to learn about secret of happiness so he sent his son far away to meet a man who was known for being wisest man. Son obeyed his father. It took him weeks to reach that place. There young man saw a very big and beautiful castle on mountain … Read more

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