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Here are some random short stories about moral values and ethics importance in ones life.

Student Art Work for Thankfulness - Heart Warming Story

Student Art Work for Thankfulness – Heart Warming Story

Once a first grade teacher thought of giving her class a fun assignment. Because Thanksgiving day was near, she asked kids to draw a picture of something for which they were thankful. Many would celebrate holiday with turkey and other traditional goodies of season, so teacher’s thought were that it would be subject of most…

Friend's Gift and Help..! Holy People Teaching about Mind Moral Story

Friend’s Gift and Help..!

Once a man went to visit his friend. His friend was good host, He welcomed him and treated him really well. Man spent a few days visiting with his friend and when it was time for him to go, his friend said, “I have an extra horse. Why don’t you take the horse as a…

Price of Miracle - Little Girl Heart Touching Story

Price of A Miracle – Little Girl Heart Touching Story

Tess, eight year old girl, who heard her mom and dad talking about her little brother, Andy. All she could understand was that her brother was very sick and her parents were completely out of money. Her parents were talking about how costly surgery was and it was looking like there was no one to…

Monks Advice to Fool - Condemn Others Short Story

Monk’s Advice to Fool..!

In a village, lived a man who was a fool. Everybody in village made fun of him. He lived all his life cowering and not even daring to speak. One day, a monk came to village. At night, man went to monk and fell at his feet and said, “Please give me some blessing. My…

What Valuable - Wealth or Wisdom Baal Shem Tov Story

What’s Valuable – Wealth or Wisdom? Baal Shem Tov Story

It’s story about a Jewish mystic, Baal Shem. Once someone came to him and asked, “Which is more significant, more valuable – Wealth or Wisdom?” Baal Shem laughed and said, “Of course, wisdom is more significant, more valuable.” Man said, “Then, I have another question – I always see you – the wise man, waiting…

Thief and Inspector Thinking - Learning From Experience

Clever Inspector and Thief Story

In ancient times, there was a school to train local police. Students from many kingdoms came there to study. There Guru Dandapani would say, “It’s important to understand mindset of thief if you want to catch him. Once you understand how a thief thinks, it becomes easier to catch him. So, in order to catch…

Airhostess Response to Woman - No One is Superior to Other

Airhostess Response to Woman..!

It’s scene from a flight. A white woman who was about 50 years old, was seated next to a black man. Disturbed by this, she called air hostess. Air hostess asked, “What is matter?” Woman responded, “Obviously, you don’t see it.. Then?” Pointing to black man who was seated beside her, she said, “You placed…

King's and Sadhu Story - Search for Happiest Person

King and Sadhu Story – Search for Happiest Person.!

Once upon a time, There was a King who was very Kind and generous. King had everything and people in his Kingdom were happy but still King would feel unhappy and sad every time. His ministers always tried on or other ways to make King happy but none of them succeeded. King didn’t understand what…

King Wrong Doing n Monk Teaching - Never Do Wrong to Others Moral Story

King Wrong Doing and Monk Teaching

Once upon a time, lived a King who was short tempered. One morning, King was going out to see his beloved horse. At same time, a monk came here to beg for alms. Because of sudden interruption, King became angry. In anger, he picked up waste from stable and put it in monk’s begging bowl….

King and Sadhu Solution for Lazy Prince Story - Health is Wealth

Lazy Prince Story – Health is Wealth

Once upon a time, there was King who was very wise and kind. He had son who was very lazy and didn’t like to do anything. Even for little things Prince would wait for his attendants to serve him every moment. All day, he would lie on his bed and because of his laziness, he…

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