Two Travelers Conversation – Deep Meaning Story

Two Travelers Conversation - Deep Meaning StoryOnce upon a time, two different men set out on a journey. Both men had same destination, so both decided to company each other on that journey.

After seven days, When time came for them to go separate ways.

First traveler said, “Brother, we were together for whole week. Before i leave, i want to tell you that i am a famous thug but it seems that you are a greater thug than me.”

Second traveler asked, “How?”

First one said, “For seven days, Whenever you left me alone with your things, i searched continuously in hope of finding something but i couldn’t find anything.

After living together for so long, i have come to know that you are a very rich person and you are on long journey. So how is it possible that you have nothing with you? Did you not bring any money with you?”

Second one replied, “Of course i bought money. I have a precious diamond and few silver coins with me.”

First person was surprised and asked, “If you had such things, then why couldn’t i find them despite so much effort?”

Second person replied, “It’s because whenever i used to go out, i used to put the diamond and coins in your bag and you kept rummaging through my bag for seven days.

You didn’t even thought of going through your own bag then how could you find anything?”

Similar is our life..
God has put our Happiness inside us but still we keep looking at others and keep wanting to have what they have.

If a person stop looking at others and try to find our happiness with we have, from that moment one can live a Happy life.

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