Two Stones at Temple – Facing Difficult Situation

Two Stones at Temple - Facing Difficult SituationOnce a craftsman went to the forest to find a stone to make an idol. There he found a very shiny and good stone. Seeing that stone he got very happy and took it with him.

When he was returning to his home, on his way he found another good stone. He picked up that stone also and continued on his way to home.

When he reached home, he started working on first stone with his tools.

When tool hit the stone, a voice came from stone, “Please don’t hit me with tools. It is hurting me a lot. If you hit me, i will fall apart. Please leave me.”

Craftsman felt pity on hearing to that stone. He left that stone and took another stone and started using his tools on that stone to make an idol.

That stone didn’t complained about pain or being hurt. In sometime, craftsman was able to make a very beautiful idol of God from that stone.

Next day, people of village came to collect God’s idol. They needed another stone to be kept temple. When they told craftsman about it, he took that first stone and gave it to villagers.

People decorated temple and placed God’s idol, while first stone was place in front of that idol to crack the coconut devotees bring.

Now, whenever a person came to visit temple, he would worship Idol with flowers and bathe it with milk while used another stone to break coconut.

This made first stone very upset as he would feel pain every time, a devotee use it to break coconut.

One day when first stone was crying, another stone from which idol was made asked him, “Why are you crying?”

At this first stone replied, “You are so lucky, having fun because people worship you. They bathe you in milk and take great care of you where as nobody cares about me, they break coconuts on me.. which hurts.”

At this another stone smiled and said, “When craftsman was doing work on you, if you had not stopped him at that time, you would have been in my place today…

But you chose easy path, you didn’t want to go through any pain at that time, that’s why you are suffering now..”

We should never be afraid of difficult situations.

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