Two Prisoners and Snake Story!! Must Read

Two Prisoners and Snake Story!!Once some scientist thought of an experiment and to do that, two prisoners were chosen, who were sentenced to death.

When prisoners were prepared to be bought for punishment, they were told that – you will not be killed by hanging but you will be killed by bite of a poisonous snake.

After that, First prisoner was bought into cell and then he was tied to a chair with his eyes closed and then a snake was released in the cell. In no time, prisoner was bitten by that poisonous snake and died in agony.

Second prisoner was watching all this happening in front of him.

After this, second prisoner was bought in cell and was tied to a chair and a black bandage was tied over his eyes. This time, no snake was bought to cell but instead he was pricked by two pins.

Even this time result was same, second prisoner died in few seconds like first prisoner.

Scientist were surprised to see that.

They bought body of second prisoner for postmortem and it was found that second prisoner body also had poison similar to snake venom, as was in first prisoner body.

Now study was conducted, from where did this poison came that took life of second prisoner.

It was found that poison was produced by his own body in shock.

From this experiment we can Learn that:

One should be Positive with our Every Resolution.

Because if Negative energy is generated then it produces hormones in our body accordingly and root cause of 75% disease is the energy generated by negative thinking.

In today’s world, human being is destroying himself with his negative thinking. Therefore, Remember to Always keep your Thinking Positive.

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  1. its quite an inspirtional story as how one should think positive? nd what is the impact of being negative on our mind?


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