Best Friends Story..!!

Two Friends Story - Care and Affection in Friendship Short Emotional Moral StoriesLong Ago, in a village lived two friends Raman and Tarun. Raman was from wealthy family where as Tarun was from poor family.

Despite their status difference they used to stay with each other all the time and were best friends.

As time went by both grew up and got busy with their life. With busy life they didn’t get much time to met each other.

One day, Tarun got very ill and he was given best rest. When Raman came to know about it. He went to Tarun’s house to meet him.

He didn’t stayed there for long and talked much but instead he just took some money out of his pocket and gave it to his friend and left.

Tarun felt very bad but didn’t said anything to him. With time Tarun got well and worked hard to earn money so that he could return Raman’s money.

Once Tarun earned enough money. He went to Raman to return his money. Still Tarun couldn’t forget how rude was Raman’s behavior toward him.

Just after sometime, Raman got ill and doctor suggested him bed rest.

As soon as Tarun got News of Raman’s illness, he left all his work as it is and went to meet Raman and stayed by his side until Raman got all well.

After this, one day Raman went to meet Tarun and said, “My friend, i feel very guilty. When you fell ill, i gave you money and you returned it.

But when i got ill, you stayed by my side whole time and took care of me, How am i ever going to be able to return this favor of yours..?

Tarun hugged him and replied, “I just wanted you to realize that money is not everything and today i am very happy that you understand that..”

Money is not everything. Friendship is all about Care and Affection.

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