Two Diaries – Husband Wife Heart Touching Story

Two Diaries - Husband Wife Heart Touching StoryOn the eve of wedding anniversary, husband and wife were sitting together drinking tea and talking. They were a perfect couple in the eyes of world.

There was a lot of love between them but with time, it seemed that complaints were increasing between them.

While talking, wife made a proposal, “I have a lot to say to you but we do not get time for each other. That’s why i bought two diaries.

We will write whatever we have in mind for each other and write it down the whole year.

Next year on this day, we will read each other’s diary so that we can know what are the shortcomings in us so that it cannot be repeated.”

Husband agreed that idea was good and both took their diaries. Soon year passed.

Next year on anniversary, both gave each other their diaries.

Husband started reading diary first, written by his wife.

1st page.. Today on our wedding anniversary you didn’t gave me nice gift.

2nd page.. You didn’t take me to hotel for dinner.

3rd page.. Today you promised to take me to movies but at time of going you refused saying you were tired.

…. My relatives came but you didn’t talked to them properly.

…. Today after many years, you bought me a dress that to old fashioned.

Like this many small complaints were written in that diary. Tears welled up in husband’s eyes after reading it.

Husband said, “I was not aware of my mistakes. I will take care not to repeat them in future.”

Now it was wife turn to open diary of her husband.

1st page.. Blank

2nd page.. Blank

3rd page.. Blank

.. Blank

Wife turned 50 – 60 pages, all were blank.

Wife felt bad and said, “I knew that you would not be able to fulfill even this little wish of mine. I wrote all your shortcomings with so much effort for whole year so that you can rectify them and you couldn’t even do this much.”

Husband smiled and said, “I have wrote everything on last page.”

Wife eagerly opened the last page.

It was written – “No matter how much i complain to you on your face but in front of the limitless love you have given me and my family for years, your infinite love, i couldn’t see any such shortcomings in you that i could write in this diary.

It is not that you are not lacking but your love, your dedication, your sacrifice are above all those shortcomings.

In-spite of my countless unforgivable mistakes, you have supported me as my shadow in every phase of my life. How can i see any flaw in my own shadow?”

Now it was wife’s turn to cry.

She took her diary from her husband’s hand and burnt both diaries in fire along with all grievances and complaints.

Again their life blossomed with love like that of a newly married couple.

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