Two Brothers Story – Different Way of Thinking

Two Brothers Story - Different Way of ThinkingIn a small village, lived two brothers with their father who was an alcoholic. Father was abusive and used to beat both brothers. When both grew up, elder brother became an alcoholic just like his father where as younger brother became a successful business man.

Despite being bought up by same father, how come one brother is so successful and other one is alcoholic, this thought used to come in villagers mind.

So, one day some people of village thought of talking to both brothers. First they went to elder brother. They saw that as usual he was lying on floor after getting drunk.

People helped him get up and sit on chair and when he got a bit sober, they asked, “Why do you drink so much?”

Elder brother answered, “My father was an alcoholic. He often used to beat up both of us. What can you expect after being abused for such long time? I followed my father footsteps and became same as him.”

Later they went to meet younger brother.

People of village asked him, “You are such a respectable businessman, everyone admires you, from where do you get such inspiration?”

He replied, “My father..”

Everyone was surprised and asked, “How?”

He replied, “My father was an alcoholic and he used to beat us while drunk. I used to watch all this silently and that’s when i decided not to be like him. I have to be decent, respected and become successful. That is what i became.”

What we are, depends on our Thinking. Our Positive and Good Thinking is what makes us a Good person.

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