Brothers Story – Tit for Tat..!!

Two Brothers Moral Story - Interesting Classic Short Stories with a TwistOnce in a village lived tow brothers Arun and Varun who used to live together.

One day they got in a fight and decided to divide everything. Arun was elder and cunning where as Varun was simple minded.

After all things were divided. Brothers were left with Blanket, cow and Mango tree to be divided.

Seeing this Arun said,”My brother, i will have blanket during night time, you can have it during day time..

As for cow, I will have the back end of cow and you can have the front end to cow..

And about tree, I will take care of the upper half of tree and you can take the lower half of tree.”

Varun who was simple minded agreed to his brother’s term.

It was winter time, Varun got to use blanket during day time, when sun blazed down but at night when it was too cold, he had to give it to his elder brother and shiver in cold.

Varun got first half of cow and had to feed cow while Arun milked cow and had all the milk to himself and made curd and butter with it.

Younger brother had to water and weed mango tree around its base while elder brother would come and pick delicious and ripped fruit.

Varun had to bear hunger and cold. After sometime, he couldn’t bear it anymore and went to one of his friend who was a wise man.

He told him everything that happened. His friend understood all situation and said, “If you want to get out of this situation you must do as i say..

Before giving blanket to your brother at night, you must dip it in the water. As for cow, do not feed cow and let it be hungry for sometime and lastly when you brother come to collect fruits, you should go there and cut the upper half of tree.”

Varun agreed.

On returning home in evening, Varun did as his friend said. At night when Arun got blanket, it was wet and because of it he had to shiver all night in cold.

Next day when Arun tired to milk cow, cow just kicked him because cow was hungry as Varun hadn’t feed her in morning.

Arun couldn’t understand what’s happening. At last frustrated, he went to mango tree to have some sweet fruit but there he saw Varun standing there with an axe ready to chop off that tree upper half.

Seeing this Arun asked, “What’s wrong what are you doing?”

Varun replied, “‘I am going to cut the tree in half. I am going to chop my half from your half.”

Arun understood everything and felt sorry for his behavior to his brother and promised to never trouble him again and would share everything fairly.

Now both shared the blanket and kept each other warm at night, shared the milk to make butter and yogurt and shared those delicious mangoes.

Once should Never try to Cheat Others.

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