Two Brothers and Demon – Facing Fears

Two Brothers and Demon - Facing FearsOnce two brothers were passing through a forest. A lot of time passed while walking and sun was about to set.

Seeing that it was not possible to proceed further in dark, younger brother said, “Brother, we should stay here till morning and as soon as dawn breaks, we will proceed to our destination.”

Elder brother said, “But staying at night in forest can be dangerous. It will not be appropriate to sleep here. One of us have to stay awake to keep watch.”

Younger brother agreed and said, “Okay. Let’s do this, first i sleep and till then you keep watch. When you feel sleepy, wake me up, then i will keep watch and you can sleep.”

Elder brother agreed. In few moments, younger brother went into deep sleep.

Just then elder brother saw a terrible figure coming towards him. It was a demon. As soon as demon got close to elder brother, it screamed. Elder brother was horrified to see that demon.

This incident had a strange effect. Due to fear of elder brother, size to demon started to increase and it became huge.

After that demon screamed again. Elder brother trembled in fear and now demon became bigger than before.

Demon slowly started moving toward elder brother. Seeing that huge demon coming towards him, he shouted loudly, “Brother…” and as soon as he screamed, he lost his consciousness and feel down.

Hearing his voice, younger brother woke up and seeing his brother lying, he thought that his elder brother fell asleep because of tiredness.

Now, younger brother started guarding.

After sometime, same demon appeared in front of him and shouted loudly. But even after listening to demon loud voice, younger brother didn’t panic and said, “Tell me, why are you crying? What do you want?”

Now, again something strange happened. Due to courage of younger brother, size to demon decreased and it became smaller.

For first time, demon had met someone who was not afraid of him. In panic, he shouted loudly again at younger brother. This time also younger brother didn’t got scared and because of this, demon became smaller than before.

In last attempt, demon screamed with all his might but younger brother smiled and said, “Tell me, what do you want?”

Because of this, demon shrunk to a very small size and younger brother took it in his palm and tied it in his handkerchief and kept it in his bag.

It was morning in no time. Younger brother woke up elder and asked to proceed to their destination. They slowly started moving forward.

Just then elder brother remembered incident that happened at night and said, “Do you know what happened last night..! A terrible huge demon had come to kill us..!”

Just then younger brother took his handkerchief out of his bag and showing demon to elder brother he said, “Are you talking about him?”

“Yes!! it is same demon but when i saw it yesterday, it was huge. How did it became so small?”, elder brother asked in surprise.

Younger brother smiled and said, “When in life, we try to avoid something that we must face, then it becomes bigger than our self and starts to control us. But when you face what you must face, it became smaller and then you can control it.”

These demons are actually the struggles that come in our life, the adverse situations, the problems of life. If we keep ignoring these situations then these problems become bigger and they start controlling us.

But if we face them, face them with Courage, then these Problems gradually become smaller and eventually we overcome them. So whenever such Problems come in life, which you must face, do not Ignore them.

Face the situation you have to face with Confidence, Don’t try to avoid it. When you do this, in no time those Problems will become so small that you will be able to control them and end them Forever.

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