Two Boats and Temple on Other Side – Guru Disciple Story

Once a Guru was telling his disciple a story.

Story: There were a village on one side of river and a great and huge temple on other side of river.

Two Boats and Temple on Other Side - Guru Disciple StoryOne day two friends Manu and Raja decided to visit temple. One of those friend Raja was very arrogant and other one Manu was humble and gentle.

It was night time, they both went on river side. There they saw two boats. Both boats were at quite distance. One friend boarded one boat and other one got on other boat.

Raja kept rowing all night but couldn’t reach the other side of river.

When sun rose he saw that his friend Manu was coming from other side of river.

As soon as Manu came, he started praising about temple and it’s beauty.

Listening to this, Raja asked him – Were you at temple at night?

Manu replied – Yes but why didn’t you come?

But.. i rowed whole night.. – said Raja.

(Story End)

Now, Guru asked disciple, “Tell me, Raja rowed whole night but still didn’t reach other side! Why?”

Disciple said, “What do i know? Please tell me.”

Guru replied, “O Son, Raja rowed whole night but didn’t open rope tied to the peg.”

Guru Continued – Similarly, people keep rowing throughout their life but until they do not uproot the peg of ego, until they do not cut open the rope of attachment.. the boat will not reach the temple of GOD.

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