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Two Beautiful Parrots Story in English - King and Parrots Moral Short StoryOnce a hunter was passing through a jungle and there he found a pair of beautiful parrots. Hunter at once set up a trap and caught those parrots.

Later he took them to king and presented them as a gift to King. King was very happy to receive such a gift. King ordered his servants to put parrots in golden cage.

Servants were ordered to take care of those parrots day and night. At King’s palace parrots were fed with most delicious fruits and servants ran left and right in order to keep parrots comfortable.

Even young prince came to play with parrots and treated them with utmost love.

Young parrot was very happy with special treatment and said to his older brother, “Brother, we are so lucky.”

Older parrot replied, “Yes, we were lucky to be bought here.”

“Our lives in palace is so comfortable and here we have everything we need and loved by all”, exclaimed young parrot with joy.

After some months, Hunter returned with another present. This time it was a magnificent black monkey and offered it to King as present.

Soon monkey became main attraction and parrots were neglected.

Young parrot became sad and depressed. One day he said to his older brother, “This monkey destroyed our perfect world and because of him nobody care and look for us anymore. No one even look at us anymore.”

Older parrot smiled and replied, “Don’t worry little brother. Nothing in world is permanent and you will see that things will change soon.”

Soon, monkey started to create trouble in palace and then one day little prince got so afraid of monkey that he ordered his servants to sent that monkey back into jungle.

Next day, monkey was sent to jungle and again parrots again became main attraction of palace and every one started paying attention to them and loved them like before.

Young parrot became happy and exclaimed, “Our happy days have returned.”

Listening to this, older parrot told his younger brother, “Time never stays same. Therefore, you should never get depressed because of unfavorable time.”

Finally, younger brother realized that he should never lose his patience under unfavorable conditions.

Nothing is Permanent in our Lives, Everything changes with Time. Therefore, One should not Lose Hope for Better Future.

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