True Wealth – Monk and Woodcutter Story for Adults

True Wealth - Monk and Woodcutter Story for AdultsIn a village lived a poor woodcutter who would go to forest everyday to cut wood and then sell it in market. His income was very low.

One day he heard about a monk who came to his village. He decided to go to monk. Next morning, he went to monk and said, “Maharaj, i am very poor. Please give me solution for my problem.”

Monk replied, “Go forward.”

Woodcutter believed in words of monk and started walking forward. After sometime, he reached a sandalwood forest.

Woodcutter became very happy. Now, he started selling sandalwood in market and soon he became rich.

One time, in days of happiness, he thought, “Monk told me to go ahead but here i am only surrounded by sandalwood. I should go further.”

Thinking this, woodcutter went further ahead and he reached a gold mine. Woodcutter became more wealthy after getting gold from mines.

After sometime, again woodcutter thought about monk and thought to moving forward. Now, he found diamonds, rubies and pearls. He became very prosperous and happy.

But then one day woodcutter started thinking, “Monk knew so much, he could have been healthy still he doesn’t use any of these precious things, why?”

Woodcutter couldn’t think of any reason and at last he decided to visit monk again.

When he met monk, he said, “Maharaj, you told me to go forward and told me address to wealth and prosperity. Why don’t you use all this riches yourself?”

At this, Monk gave a simple but extremely accurate answer. He said, “What you are saying is correct but i am going further, further than diamonds and rubies.

Going forward there is such a special achievement, compared to which these diamonds and rubies feels equal to mud and clay. I am searching for that special thing.”

Woodcutter got curious and asked, “What’s that?”

Monk smiled and replied, “The name of that special and priceless thing is GOD’S NAME.”

This simple but deep meaning statement of monk, now awakened wisdom of woodcutter and he understood that any search of wealth is incomplete without God because one’s mind cannot be satisfied until he gain wealth of God Name.

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