King’s Order – True Friendship Story

True Friends Story - Best Heart Touching Emotional Story of True FriendshipOnce in a Kingdom, a man name Liam protested again King, King was arrogant he didn’t like anyone who would go against him so he ordered his soldiers to arrest and hang that man.

Liam didn’t resisted and said, “My Lord, I will gladly accept your punishment but please grant me one last wish.

Please give me some time, Before dying i just want to visit my home and see my children one last time..”

King refused saying, “No, i can’t allow it.. There is no guarantee that once you leave.. You will be back..”

Just then a man from the crowd came forward and said, “My Lord, please arrest me instead of him as guarantee and if he doesn’t come back that you can hang me instead of him..”

King was surprised because he had never seen a man who would offer his own life for someone else.

King asked him ,”Why are you ready to take place of this person?”

That man reply, “My Lord, he is my best friends and i trust him, He will be back once he meet his family..”

King agreed and allowed Liam to leave for his home. He was given time of six hours as total that he would be needed to go and back from his house was at most five hours.

Liam left for his house. He met his family. He still had enough time to reach King’s palace before time of his hanging.

Liam wanted to reach as soon as possible but on his way he fell from his horse and got his horse and he himself got hurt.

Because of this he got delayed. On other side, at palace as time passed. His friend was being held and prepared for hanging. His friend was standing on board to be hanged. Friend was happy to give his life for his friend.

Just a moment before lever was to be pulled to hang his friends, Liam came running, panting fell on the ground. Liam shouted, “Please stop.. I am back. Please release my friend.

His friend replied, “Liam.. You go back.. I would be happy to take your place and die here..”

Listening this Liam went close to his friend and said, “My friend thank you for you help. Now please go. This is my punishment and i should face it.”

Seeing this King was overwhelmed by their friendship and said, “I forgive you.. your friendship made a deep impact on me.. You both are free to go..”

True friend is One Who Trust you and always Stay by your side. True friendship can even avert many Problems.

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